Turning Mobility into Utility.
Pioneering Edge-AI.




Anagog pioneered on-device artificial intelligence (Edge-AI) solutions that turn mobile phones into personal data engines, all while fiercely protecting each user’s privacy. By gathering and analyzing user behavior collected by the phone’s built-in sensors, Anagog’s JedAI edge-AI technology understands the user’s location, activity and more, enabling prediction of future movements, and offering up contextual services that improve the user experience.


Anagog was formed in 2010 to find solutions for tomorrow’s problems

We rely on innovative measures in providing optimal solutions to the market

Our solutions provide greater analysis, deep learning, conclusions and profiling all on the handset without the need for cloud communication

Our technology has been downloaded into more than 25 million handsets globally

JedAI is integrated into more than 100 mobile apps globally


Anagog is revolutionizing the way enterprises can understand their customers, their mobility and their behavior in real-time.



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