Banking Solutions

Banking on Great Customer Service


For financial institutions, gaining a holistic picture of clients and their activities can mean the difference between good customer service and great customer service.

With JedAI from Anagog, banks and financial institutions can offer a new level of personal and contextual service.



  • Sense, comprehend, act and learn to interact naturally with the banks own customers, so they can tailor their offers to best meet their customers’ needs
    • Offer the right product at the right time based on customer’s needs – for example a car loan, when a customer visits a car dealership, or mortgage when customer is looking to buy a house
    • Determine the best time and place to push personal notifications (initiated automatically by polygons and geofencing definitions)
    • Predict banks’ customer’s next destination and provide highly relevant information
    • Offer location-based promotions
    • Understand when a customer is heading to the branch, advise them of the wait time, who is available to meet with them, or ask them specifically what they require
  • Ensure full privacy by allowing the user to retain all private data only on the phone
  • Offer 24/7 service without draining the device battery

Customer Journey


  • Gain robust 360 degrees view of customer’s offline profile
  • Retain customers based on personalized and contextual services
  • Gather critical information about customers through their handsets to add value to existing customer service efforts
    • Flag significant changes in behavior and life events: quit / switch job, change of residency, change in shopping habits, bank branch visits (frequency)
    • Create customer clusters – by collating characteristics for marketing optimization
    • Gain increased insight into potentially fraudulent activities



  • Optimize branch and ATM distribution based on your customers anonymized and aggregated footfall traffic
    • Make quantified, data-driven decisions on which branches are performing well
  • Make independent and objective risk assessments of a business mortgage or a loan, through analysis of the business’ actual foot traffic