Insurance Solutions

Rewarding Safety-Conscious Customers with Tailored Insurance


Insurers assessing their customers’ real-time behaviors and location intelligence through an artificial intelligence-powered app can tailor better personalized solutions that best meet their customers’ individual needs and budgets. They also can create solutions that reward the customers they most want to retain, such as the safest drivers, and help coach others to adopt more secure habits.

JedAI from Anagog, helps insurers offer better, more personal and contextual services

Automotive & Mobility Service Providers

  • Gain insights into context, such as detecting whether the insured is the driver or passenger in a moving vehicle, the number of miles driven, or whether the driver regularly exceeds speed limits. Facilitate usage based insurance:
    • Measure miles driven for pay-per-mile insurance
    • Enable pay-as-you-drive, pay-how-you-drive, and manage-how-you-drive offerings
  • Detect driving behaviors, handset-related distraction and distinct between driver and passenger
  • Detect collisions – detects and analyzes in real-time, even minor accidents
  • Leverage travel analytics, providing in-depth trip insights with details of events throughout the trip
  • Profile lifestyle and behavior of each driver, monitoring out-of-vehicle activity and context

Risk Management & Engagement

  • Learn from the owner’s activity and lifestyle to predict what he or she is likely to do next
  • Provide customers an exceptional experience, including faster customized claim settlements, the ability to predict and prevent insurance claims and more
  • Receive automatic reports of abnormalities in customer’s routine / habits
  • Provide automatic connection to an emergency call-center, based on their mobility status
  • Receive notification when entering dangerous areas
  • Assess risks based on the individual’s day-to-day routines and lifestyle


  • Automatically activate/prompt for travel insurance when entering an airport
  • Predict next step and send warnings/advice about traffic, weather, road conditions, or news of a crisis
  • Set in advance hazardous territories and areas in the travelers route and destination. Precise, real-time monitoring of entrances and exits of dangerous sites. Entering such an area, will activate higher rates – exiting will lower rate to relevant contextual parameters
  • Detects unexpected changes in the traveler’s mobility status and reacts accordingly: report, call for help or advice


  • Intelligently analyze multiple on-handset sensor signals to help customers lead safer and healthier lives, without draining the customers’ cell phone battery
  • Tailor tips and treatments for individual lifestyles
  • Provide real-time health checks based on behavioral context
  • Engage customers via feedback based on their behavior
  • Provide automatic connection to an emergency call-center, based on their mobility status
  • Receive notification of unplanned exits from home
  • Monitor medication usage through automatic reminders of medication intake