Our Team


At Anagog, we respect the value of each and every member of our staff, and that respect is reflected in the stellar technologies we develop, and in the superb quality of our team.


Meet our Team



Ofer Tziperman


Gil Levy


Yaron Aizenbud


Liat Bar Ziv Alperovitz


Udi Jacobi

SVP Sales & Marketing

Elad Ben-Tzedeff


Gil Bolotin

VP Business Development North America

Inbar Margolin

Director of Projects

Alaa Kabaha

Algorithm Engineer

Alex Stebelskaya

Office Manager

Andrey Kovalenko

iOS Developer

Denis Shyrman

Data Scientist

Dinko Vasilev

Data Scientist

Esther Spiegel

Marcom Manager

Eyal Avdor

Android Developer

Georgy Steshin

Android Team Leader

Igor Pechersky

Senior Data Scientist

Ilan Malka

R&D Project Leader

Mark Berner

iOS Developer

Liana Yosipov

Data Engineer

Maxim Ohrimenko

iOS Developer

Menachem Vinokur

Product Management

Michael Paschenko

Android Expert

Netta Aizenbud

Algorithm Expert

Netta Koren

Project Manager

Roman Tourdyiev

Android Developer

Shlomi Lifshits

Chief Data Scientist

Tomer Leckah

Mobile Team Leader

Tomer Radian

Chief Architect

Victor Paslay

Data Scientist

Yaniv Peretz


Yifat Ashkenasi Kotovski

HR Manager

Yurii Casansky

Data Scientist

Yuriy Andreyko

Mobile Developer

Yurii Kulish

Data Scientist