Retail Solutions

Retail: Tailored Customer Solutions Right Off-the-Rack


By understanding a customer’s location and likely movements, retailers can provide relevant and contextual offers, products and services that will more likely convert into sales. Send a coupon for a lunch discount at a restaurant near where the shopper has parked, assess foot traffic to determine the optimal location for the next store, gain insights that will help drive retention and customer loyalty and more.

JedAI from Anagog lets retailers gain better understanding of their customers and engage them in a more personal and contextual way

Customer Journey & Behavior

  • Analyze behaviors and other data to continuously improve the customer experience and obtain great engagement
  • Map every step of the customer’s journey based on deep insights in offline behavior, in order to engage customers with relevant offers and improve conversion rates
  • Understand the customer’s mobility; where, when, what and how he or she is doing his or her activity in order to engage with personalized offers
  • Use real-time data to drive customer engagement through his or her contextual location and increase in store foot traffic and sales
  • Understand the store’s real sales performance (offline and online) linking in-store visits to online shopping
  • Nurture retailer’s brand by understanding when consumers move from consideration or ownership to interest in making a purchase or upgrade
  • Perfect the “pre” and “post” purchase journeys
    • Pre – paint a complete picture of the customer. With insight into their activities that lead up to a purchase, retailer can determine where and when to place ads that work best
    • Post – understand how the customer incorporates the purchase into their lives, and whether they are likely to buy again. This is key to replenishment, relationship building, and advocacy



  • Identify and take actions to reduce churn and drive engagement on an individual consumer basis (micro-segmentation)
  • Know when a customer may need a service or a new product, based on their profile and usage data
  • Understand share-of-wallet and identify high value customers who currently shop at competitors based on behavior patterns
  • Understand how the consumer finds their way to a brand, a store, decision-making process and a purchase through location data and customer-journey mapping
  • Comprehend the “trigger” that turns it into a “moment” that the retailer can monetize
  • Visual advertising implementation: define the best implementation of retailer’s advertising based on the number of potential views
  • Understand behavioral patterns to help refine messaging and ad placement
  • Provide timely, relevant messages and promotions and minimize irrelevant marketing efforts that go unnoticed
  • Provide location-based offers and discounts based on their likes and location (geofencing features)
  • Mine customer journey data to determine when to push a notification or geo-fenced offer and to help them tie brand impressions (online and offline) to in-store actions



  • Assess customer foot traffic of retailer’s business or its competitors and decide where to open the next store branch and then promote it to a specific audience
  • Learn comparison data versus nearby competition using the same metrics; based on this information, provide incentives to retailer’s services
  • Use on-device customer segmentation based on foot traffic and mobility analysis
  • Enhancement of online user profile with highly valuable offline attributes
  • Provide a consistent customer experience in-store, online, and on mobile
  • Understand customer activity beyond the store to help attract and retain the customers retailer wants most